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You're It (Kon, Bart, Cassie, PG, Young Justice)

Title: You're It
Author: Mimic
Characters/Pairings: Kon, Bart, Cassie. Allusions.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't play for keeps. DC owns them.
Notes: I scribbled this up late last night (though not as late as that Tim/Kon thing haunting me from my desktop), and am posting before I rush out of the house. Rather un-beta'd, Pixie's seen it, but mistakes remain mine.
Feedback: Graciously appreciated.
Word Count: 400-ish.

It’s a breath of air too fast to be wind, and hard enough to cause all the loose papers around the rec room to flutter. Rob’s gotten smart enough to start weighing down anything important, or tacking it to walls, but Cassie’s homework is sent soaring.

She lets out a frustrated huff, and Kon hides his grin behind his hand.

Her face is flushed from annoyance, and the warmth of the sun beaming down on the patch of carpet where she’s lying. It’s making him feel relaxed and energetic all at once, and he’s been floating above her for ages and she hasn’t even said anything.

Bart zooms around again, and if Kon squints he thinks he can tell it’s the same pattern as before; cut into his eyeballs two seconds *after* it happens.

The third time he’s right there. Reach out and *miss*, hair between his fingers, and Bart’s heady laughter as he darts away.

Cassie’s smiling, not bothering to hide it at all, and so it takes Kon half a minute to pull himself back upright from where he’d sort of tumbled after his miss.

“*You* try catching him,” he says, trying and mostly succeeding at keeping his tone from sounding petulant as opposed to merely *rueful*.

How does Rob do it?

She giggles, and scratches something -- like *he* can be bothered with *school stuff* -- out on her paper. “I don’t need to be whacked over the head before I admit defeat.”

“It’s not *defeat* until you give up.” Which is probably something he picked up from TV, but sounds a lot better than anything real he might be able to come up with.

“Uh-*huh*,” she nods skeptically, a second before -- “Incoming.”


Kon feels his leg caught and *pulled* a second before he’s flat on his back and Bart is grinning at him. Three inches from his face and -- “Dude, personal space.”


Kon blinks, and Bart really *won’t* stop smiling any time in this decade. “I think you’re doing it wrong.”

“Huh, well, I dunno it’s what it lookedlikeright? Even though I kinda miscalculatedthelanding, sorry.” And then *Bart’s* blinking at him, which he can’t stop thinking is a bit wrong.

*He’s* supposed to be the confused one.

“Cassie?” he calls over his shoulder, and really, why is Bart still *on him*?

He can’t see, but the tone of her voice is grinning at him. “You’re on your own, Kid.”
Tags: bart, cassie, fic, gen, kon
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