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Moving, Shock, Brothers (Tim/Jason/Dick, NC-17, DCU)

I was scribbling last night to Pixie, and somehow got snippets out of it that I thought were good enough to post. (With, admittedly, some coaxing.)

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Title: Moving
Characters/Pairing: Tim/Dick
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 300

Dick makes surprised noises against his mouth when Tim kisses him.

There's a part of him that needs to pull away at that, and offer all the useless lies of explanations Tim has given *himself* time after time, but he keeps his body almost deceivingly loose until Dick relaxes, and he can breathe again.

Dick's arm is slung around his neck, and the other wraps around Tim's waist and is suddenly pulling him so close Tim can feel every scratch from the fabric of their clothes. He swirls his tongue against Dick's, and rides the rush of touch and movement that he knew he expected, but could never have imagined in action.

He hums into Dick's mouth at the first touch of his fingers against Tim's stomach. His body moves subconsciously into the touch; Dick can't know how long he's wanted just *this*, and all the realizations that come with it.

Tim can feel his face flushing long before Dick finally pulls away and *looks* at him.

He can't speak, even if he had any idea how to string the thousands of words vying for attention on the tip of his tongue together. Dick is still staring at him, and that's surprise and askance, and something Tim can't place. He tightens his jaw and matches the stare.

Dick leans forward, and kisses him softly; so soft that Tim's lips feel rough in comparison. He's stroking his hands up and down his hips in a movement that's more soothing than it is sensual, and Tim gropes with his arm not pressed between their chests, managing to grip Dick's forearm and *direct* him. To be rougher, to be harder.

He bites Dick's lip, working it in his teeth and suddenly sucking at his tongue.

Dick's strangled, little gasp makes Tim pull away up until he sees those -- too bright -- blue eyes widening at him, and he kisses Dick again to distract them both.

Title: Shock
Characters/Pairings: Jason/Tim
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 300

His fingers are rough, shocking over the wind that already burnt Tim's cheeks on patrol. He doesn't kiss him -- yet, only digs his callused thumb deeper against his cheekbone, and makes Tim's breathing still and shallow inside of his chest.

Jason is laughing, set into his grin like something dark and ugly that only he understands, and Tim would rather close his eyes than look at it.

He feels his breath ghost over his mouth less than a second before Jason is kissing him so hard their teeth click until Tim opens his mouth, and Jason starts biting his lips and tongue.

It feels forbidden, in the very pit of Tim's stomach even as it rises with white hot pleasure, and his vision is clouded with lust. He knows, she knows, they know; on until the entire world is a swirl of deception like fog Tim is lost in, and Jason's smile is the only thing guiding him.

"I don't think so, pretender," whenever he tries to pull back, because *Jason's* the only one that gets to run.

He pulls off Jason's jacket and shirt as Jason licks and bites rings of red onto his chest, and collarbone. His hands have slipped to the small of Tim's back, and the groove of his hip, and not even clenching his jaw can't stop Tim from groaning when Jason's fingers finally dip lower.

Tim doesn't scream when Jason's lips first touch his dick, but he bites his tongue until he tastes blood.

He doesn't want this anymore than he wants a million other things he shouldn't have, but this won't stop. Jason won't leave him alone, and Tim can't fight him.

His breathing is strange and erratic against his own ears, and Jason is swallowing him whole, and doing obscene, unbearable things with his tongue until all Tim can see is red against the back of his eyelids.

He comes, shouting against the stale air, and when he can see Jason's face again he's still grinning.

Title: Brothers
Characters/Pairings: Dick/Tim/Jason
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 500

He can see Jason biting Dick's ear, smiling and almost playfully *nibbling* it, a second before his arm snakes out and grabs Tim by the waist, pulling the three of them close enough that all of them are touching. Dick turns, glancing over Tim with just the right level of reassure and worry lost in his eyes to make Tim relax, and captures Jason's lips. He can sense the pressure he's putting on Jason's shoulder, and just how much of a display of dominance that is.

Jason's arm is sliding and feeling his way down Tim's waist to the fly of his jeans even as he closes his eyes against Dick's invading tongue, and Tim leans back into the couch. He's watching, and not quite daring to move lest everything break or vanish.

It doesn't matter how they're here, or why. Not really -- He gasps as Jason finally gets his hand into Tim's pants, and rubs his cock, as teasingly as he bit Dick's ear.

Dick's eyes open, and he breaks the kiss to stare at Jason and Tim. He can see Dick's face slipping in and out of his vision as his eyes flutter at Jason's hand. The laugh -- Jason's -- is perfectly clear, though, as is the abrupt, muffled silence that follows.

There's a shift, a rustle and settle of fabric, and lips covering his own in a too-soft kiss that makes Tim push instinctively, wanting more. He groans as Jason's hand disappears, and there's suddenly the rough scrap of his fingers up Tim's chest.

Jason is the one kissing him, still too soft to believe, and if he slits his eyes open he can see Dick's leg swung over Jason's hip, and a shock of mess, black hair peeking from the back of Jason's neck.

His hand pushes forward, and Dick captures it with his as Jason pulls away from his lips and down his chest, tapping his fingers restlessly against the fabric of Tim's shirt.

Jason's mouth is replaced by Dick's, and Tim moans into his mouth. Jason is stroking him again, and pulling his pants down around his knees.

He can feel Dick shift, and hear the sharp noise he makes into his mouth before he slits his eyes open. Jason has a hand curled around Dick's thigh even as he leans in to spread Tim's, licking a stripe up to the edge of his briefs.

His moans are strangled by Dick's hand still clutching his, and Jason's own cut laughter.

The world is passion, and heat, and the feel of Dick's tongue scratching against his own as Jason's hands and tongue roam over all of them. His breath is panicked and heavy by turn, but he can't feel anything other than *safety* in the recesses of his mind.
Tags: dick, fic, jason, slash, tim
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