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I'm not dead! Also: Iconage!

So, yes, I'm really not dead, just in a sort of hibernation mode due to stress from work and starting school again. I'm not even taking that many classes this semester (I'm seriously thinking about moving and switching schools again, so I want to work that out first before I get back into anything hardcore.) but I am taking on a couple web design jobs for a friend of mine, so that's eating up all my internet time.

Anyway, I really have no idea when it will be that I'll be writing and posting regularly again. Just as a heads up. I probably will be on chat slightly more often (one900mimicry on AIM and m1m1cry on yahoo) so you can always add me there.

I did make icons, though, which I thought I would share instead of letting them collect more dust on my hard drive.

Teen Titans #50


Robin #152 (?)

Batgirl: Year One


Feel free to snag as you wish! Just remember to credit, and comments are always appreciated.
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