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In heat with wine (Tim/Kon, NC-17, Titans)

I am not going through the trouble of linking to the most recent LJ/SA shit that's flying around as I am *sure* you have all either seen it or seen someone else's link to it.

The only reason I am even mentioning it is that it means I will no longer be hosting my fic on this site, instead you can find me over at InsaneJournal. I will also continue to link back (as I'm doing below) for as long as some of my flist remains on LJ.

Onto better business, a.k.a. porn involving underage superheroes.

Title: In heat with wine
Author: Mimic
Characters/Pairings: Tim/Kon
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: DC owns them.
Notes: I don’t write Tim/Kon and yet this story fails to poof out of existence, which presents a bit of problem. Pixie is to blame for the pairing, almost all the sex between the pairing, and most certainly *this* version of the ending scene. Actually -- all I did was write the thing.
Feedback: Please?
Word Count: 3700

Kon is laughing, not directly at him, but more like both of them and all of this, and maybe just the world in general.
Tags: fic, kon, slash, tim
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