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Momentary (Bart/Tim, NC-17, Teen Titans v3)

Title: Momentary
Author: Mimic
Characters/Pairings: Bart/Tim
Rating: NC-17, though that feels -- wrong, somehow.
Disclaimer: I like to think I would be doing a better job if I were the one in charge.
Notes: I think I really need to get over this dialogue block sometime soon.
Feedback: Lovin' it.
Word Count: 800

It takes Tim less than a second to process that Bart is moving, and even less than that to feel Bart’s tongue licking against his lips in a sloppy kiss that nearly knocks the breath out of him. His hands are flush against Bart’s skinny, muscular chest and Bart’s are -- everywhere.

He makes a small noise, as much as he can against Bart’s mouth, and pushes firmly with his left arm.

Bart is gone faster than his code name, and just as close a second later.

“Sorry,” but everything from the way he’s smiling to the crazed gold of his eyes means he’s lying.

He swallows, and tries to think up a suitable form of reply to being -- molested -- by his three-year-old teammate.

“*Sorry*,” Bart is repeating at him, “But you wouldn’t stop watching me, and I read that that’s generally a way humans express interest in --“

“I -- might have gone with something more subtle, Bart.”

“You didn’t *mind* though, right? I mean, I don’t think I would be like, standing within five feet of you if you minded.” Bart’s eyes are still glowing, and somehow the line of his mask’s cutouts around them only make the color more vivid. Harder to deal with than they were behind the goggles.

He swallows again, no matter how telling that would be. This is Bart.

“Oh god, *did* you mind? Are you like, traumatized for life?”

It’s *Bart*.

He smiles. “No. I didn’t -- mind, Bart.”

“And I really don’t -- You didn’t?” Bart bites his lip, and the outline of his hands blur. “Seriously?”

He looks much more hopeful than anything Tim should be encouraging, and after less than five seconds of his silence Bart asks, “Can I kiss you again?”

“Yesmmph --“

He nearly chokes on the force of Bart’s tongue, and gasps as he opens his mouth and Bart’s tongue buzzes against his own inside of Tim’s mouth.

“Mm,” he pushes Bart back again, this time just enough to breathe, “Slowly.”

“I -- oh, okay.”

He sees Bart’s sheepish grin before he leans in, slow enough so that it only seems slightly faster than average to Tim, and kisses him.

It’s much better this time. Bart’s hands still feel like they’re everywhere at once, making Tim gasp into Bart’s mouth, and tangle his fingers into his hair just to keep hold of him.

The brown curls are soft and only a little rough against his bare fingers, and when had he taken off his gauntlet? It’s only the *one*, anyway.

He groans as Bart’s tongue starts to buzz again, releasing all that energy into something small and controlled enough for Tim to handle. His fingers tighten momentarily before the palm of his hand slides down to rest solidly against the nape of Bart’s neck.

His fingernails scratch against the soft skin there, and Bart moans into his mouth.

“Um -- I --“ Bart stutters, breaking away and blushing.

Tim can feel Bart’s erection digging into his hip, and feels his own cheeks heat just a little. “Did you want to…?” he asks vaguely, letting the end of his sentence slip through his fingers like water.

“I -- yeah, um.” Bart fidgets, and untangles his arms so the right is on Tim shoulder and his left is hanging by his side.

He feels his lip twitching, much the same as Bart’s fingers, and he quickly pulls off his other gauntlet and lets it drop to the floor. He has half a mind to suggest they move to somewhere more -- private, but this is fine.

He makes sure to be slow, soft when he kisses Bart -- first his neck, and then up his cheek to his lips. Bart babbles into his mouth a second before relaxing and simultaneously tightening his hand on Tim’s shoulder.

He hums as Bart gasps, moaning and closing his eyes when Tim wraps his hand around the heat of his penis.

“Oh fuckohgodTim,” he pants, so quickly Tim can feel his own heart beating faster.

It doesn’t take long for him to jack Bart off, tightening his grip and moving his hand faster until Bart cries out, his come staining Tim’s fingers and palm.

He pulls his hand from Bart’s damp tights and begins to clean off his fingers with a wipe from his belt. Bart is still panting, and staring at him in wide eyed content. It’s a while, for Bart’s standards, before he shifts towards Tim again.

“Um, do you want me to do you?” he asks, “I mean -- it’s only fairandthatwasreallyamazing.”

Tim smiles, letting his teeth show for a moment he knows could be years in subjective time, and says, “Maybe next time. I have reports to check.”

“Right,” Bart hesitates, before kissing his so quickly Tim is reeling again, and says, “Thankyou,” disappearing from sight.

He catches his breath, disposes of the wipe, and wonders what exactly just happened.

Tags: bart, fic, slash, tim
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